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Luv4adoption is an adoption networking service that helps adoptive families meet birth parents and find the answer to their dreams and prayers - a baby through open adoption! As adoptive parents we understand the emotional rollercoaster ride that you are embarking on. We can help you meet birth parents by creating an adoption website for you or linking to your existing site. It is our belief that all adoptive parents should have equal exposure on our adoption site. Therefore, we have one price for everyone and we do not charge additional to have featured adoption letters or ads. The family displayed in the upper right-hand corner or our pages is randomly rotated so all families get equal exposure.

Link to your Adoption Web Site

Special Price Reduction! Due to the current economic conditions, we have decided to reduce our prices for an undetermined amount of time. Our fee to provide a link to your adoption website will be reduced to $200 until you adopt. Our normal price has been $299.00. Please note that this is not an annual fee but is good until you have completed an adoption. Therefore, if you wait 14 months to find a birthmother or birth parents, you still only pay $200.

We will include a photo and a 80 to 100 word summary on the View Letters page. Click here to have your adoption listing added. We also encourage you to provide a link back to www.

Create an Open Adoption Web Site

If you do not have an adoption web site, we will create a one page adoption site that includes your dear birthmother (birth parent) letter and up to four pictures for $399. This includes hosting and listing your adoption site until you adopt. Each adoption site will be custom-made just for you. We will select backgrounds and colors to match your photos and interests. A photo and a 80 to 100 word summary will be included on the View Letters page. We ask that you provide the text and photos in electronic format. We will type the dear birthmother (birth parent) letter and scan the pictures for a nominal fee if you are not able to provide them in electronic format. Click here to have a adoption web site created just for you.


We accept payments via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, click here to get an account setup. PayPal accounts are free!

Custom Search is not an adoption agency, attorney, or facilitator. The contents of the information in the letters to the birth parents are the sole responsibility of the prospective adoptive parents. will not be held liable or accountable for the accuracy of any information displayed in the letters or divulged by the prospective adoptive parents. We recommend that birthparents and adoptive parents obtain legal counsel for all adoption proceedings.

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