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Open adoption between birth parents and adoptive parents is the truest expression of love. Each open adoption story is unique and heart-warming. We are sharing our stories hear to give adoptive parents hope that the process does work. Also, we want to recognize and honor our daughter's birth parents who may a very difficult and courageous decsion. We will always keep their in our hearts and prayers. Words can not express the amount of love we feel for them as well as our children. We hope you enjoy our stories.

  • Anna's Story: A Wild Rollercoaster Ride
  • Emma's Story: Fireworks in December

    We would love to share adoption stories of other families here. To contribute, please email your story and a picture, if desired . Thank you.

  • Custom Search is not an adoption agency, attorney, or facilitator. The contents of the information in the letters to the birth parents are the sole responsibility of the prospective adoptive parents. will not be held liable or accountable for the accuracy of any information displayed in the letters or divulged by the prospective adoptive parents. We recommend that birthparents and adoptive parents obtain legal counsel for all adoption proceedings.

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