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Create an Adoption WebSite will be happy to create an adoption web site for you. Feel free to check out these sites for examples:

Len and Erin
Mat and Frances
Rob and Amanda
Karla and Rob
Lori and Lawrence

Creating a website is done in just three simple steps:
  • Email your information
  • Send Payment
  • Proof your listing

    Email Your Adoption Website Information

    To add a link from to your adoption website, we need some basic information. You may download this Word file, update accordingly and email it to me or you may type the info directly in an email. Listed below is the required information:

    Full Name this will be used for our database only
    Name to Display on Listing Page usually this would be your first names, ex: LuAnn and Scott
    Email Address
    Adoption Web Site Address
    Summary This is a 80 to 100 word summary that will be displayed on the View Letters page.
    Photo Please note which photo you want displayed on the View Letters page. This can be a photo on your adoption web site or you can attach a JPEG file to your email.
    Child Preferences Please note which of the following you would like to be considered for:
    __ Caucasian
    __ Asian
    __ African American
    __ Hispanic
    __ East Indian
    __ American Indian
    __ Newborn
    __ Under six months
    __ 1 Year and under
    __ 2 Years and under
    __ 4 Years and under
    __ Any age
    Would you be interested in a sibling group?
    __ Yes
    __ No

    If yes, what is the oldest age you would consider? _______

    Would you be interested in twins?
    __ Yes
    __ No

    State or Other Location (Canada):

    Send Payment

    To pay for the listing, you may submit $399. using PayPal to

    If you have any questions, please email me.

    Proof Your Adoption Website

    Your adoption website will generally be created within 5 working days of receiving payment. I will email you when it has been created so that you can proof the site. You will be asked to email all changes to me.

  • Custom Search is not an adoption agency, attorney, or facilitator. The contents of the information in the letters to the birth parents are the sole responsibility of the prospective adoptive parents. will not be held liable or accountable for the accuracy of any information displayed in the letters or divulged by the prospective adoptive parents. We recommend that birthparents and adoptive parents obtain legal counsel for all adoption proceedings.

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