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Successful Open Adoptions

Congratulations to the following adoptive families who have successfully adopted through open adoption!!!

Jaime and Chris North Carolina
Chris & Jaime

Congratulations to Jaime and Chris!
Finalized January 2015

Frank and Bridget>
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Congratulations to Bridget and Frank!
It's Twins!
September 2014

Frank and Lorraine
New York
Lorraine and Frank

Congratulations to Lorraine and Frank!
Adopted October 2014

Elizabeth and Russell>
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New York

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Russell!
Adopted Summer 2014

Gary and Donna Minnesota
Gary and Donna

Congratulations to Donna and Gary!
Adopted February 2014

Greg and Max
New York

Congratulations to Max and Greg!
It's a Girl!
January 23, 2013

"We wanted to let you know that Max and I adopted a baby girl on January 23, 2013. While it wasn't your website that our birth mother found us on you and your staff are so wonderful to work with. We wanted to let you know it is ok to take us off the profile page now in order to give other families a chance at welcoming a new child in their lives. Thank you again for everything, we will never forget all the special friends who helped us bring our child into our lives. "

New York

Congratulations to Pam!
Adopted a baby boy!
November 2012

james and mara
New York
James and Mara

Congratulations to Mara and James!
It's a Boy!
October 18, 2012

"We appreciate all your help and the expsure being on your website has brought us. We have recommended your service to several of our friends/colleagues."

Catherine and John
New York

Congratulations to Catherine and John!
September 2012

"Thank you for your service. We received several calls from women who found us through the web. "

Jonathan and Beth
New York
Congratulations to Beth and Jonathan!
Adopted a Girl!
Summer 2012

Patty and John Washington
Congratulations to John and Patty!
Summer 2012

Rayand Jim Pennsylvania

Congratulations to Jim and Ray!
Summer 2012

Troy and Jenna Minnesota
Jenna and Troy

Congratulations to Jenna and Troy!
It's a boy!
Born December 2011

Mat and Frances

Congratulations to Mat and Fran!
Adopted a Girl!
Summer 2011

Frank and Lorraine
New York

Congratulations to Lorraine and Frank!
Adopted a Girl!
March 2011

Keith and Cory
New York

Congratulations to Cory and Keith!
January 2012

Steve and Meghan California
Congratulations to Meghan and Steve!
October 2011

Anthony and Kim
New York
Congratulations to Kim and Anthony
Adopted a baby girl!

Pete and Jen California

Congratulations to Jen and Pete!
October 2010

Pam and Lee
New York
Congratulations to Pam and Lee!
Adopted a Baby Girl
August 2010

Clint and Lee California

Congratulations to Lee and Clint!
It's a Boy!
Summer 2010

open adoptinon
New York
Congratulations to Ines and Wendy
Adopted A Baby Boy
June 2010

Vince and Carmen
Congratulations to Carmen and Vince
Adopted Winter 2010

Meg and Dave
New York
Congratulations to Megan and Dave
Adopted - Winter 2010

Francie and Pete Virginia
Congratulations to Francie and Pete
Adopted December 2009
It's a Girl!

Anna California
Congratulations to Ann
Adopted a Baby Girl
Winter 2009

Linda and Tineke
New York
Congratulations to Linda and Tineke
Adopted a Baby Boy
Winter 2009

Janie and Steve California
Congratulations to Janie and Steve
Adopted a Baby Girl!
Fall 2009

Rob and Karla Minnesota
Congratulations to Karla, Rob and Jontay
Adopted a baby girl!
Malia Rose August 28, 2009

Mat and Frances

Congratulations to Mat and Fran!
Adopted a Boy!
Summer 2009

Eric and Jeremy
South Carolina
Jeremy and Eric
Congratulations to Eric and Jeremy
Fall 2009

cheryl and greg New York
Congratulations to Greg and Cheryl
Adopted - Spring 2009

Don and Chris 
Congratulations to Don and Chris
Currently Matched!!
Spring 2009

Jennie and Jonathan California
Jennie and Jonathan

Congratulations to Jennie and Jonathan
It's a girl- Aspen Gertrude!
Born: September 18, 2008

Dale and Michaela California
Congratulations to Michaela and Dale!
It's a girl!
Born November 2008

Gerard and Wayne
Congratulations to Wayne and Gerard!

Congratulations to Tracey and Tim
It's a Girl -
Adopted October 2008

Lena and Sean California
Congratulations to Lena and Sean!
Its a girl!
October 2008

Pete and Keith
New York
Congratulations to Pete and Keith!
Adopted Twins!!
Aidyn and Anna
August 11, 2008

Judith and John Maryland
Congratulations to Judith and John!
Its a girl!
July 2008

David and Todd Texas
Congratulations to Todd and David
It's a Boy !
Born: September 2008

Barbara and Roy California
Congratulations to Barbara and Roy
It's a Boy -
July 2008

Carmela and Stephen New York
Congratulations to Carmela and Stephen!
Its a boy!
Luke Nickolas
Born on May 23, 2008

Elizabeth and Paul California
Congratulations to Elizabeth and Paul
It's a Boy!!
Dominic born on April 15, 2008
Internet Match!

Tiana and Warren California
Congratulations to Tiana and Warren
It's a Girl!!
April 2008

Congratulations to Pat and Danielle!
Adopted 2008

Carl and Tom
New York
Congratulations to Tom and Carl!
Luke Thomas
Born on April 9, 2008

Jennifer and Stephen California

Congratulations to Jennifer and Stephen!
It's a Girl!
March 2008

Ken and Sherri
North Carolina

Congratulations to Sherri and Ken!

Baby Home
March 2008

Chris and Pam California
Congratulations to Chris, Pam, and Nick!
Agency Match
January 2008

Rob and Karla Minnesota

Congratulations to Karla and Rob!
It's a Boy!
Arrived Home in December 2007

Marisa and Dan California

Congratulations to Dan and Marisa
It's a Girl!
Fall 2007

Ken and Nancy North Carolina

Congratulations to Ken and Nancy!
It's a Boy!
November 20, 2007

"While this was not an internet match, we did get several contacts from the internet. Thanks again for offering your wonderful site."

Jason and Enrique California

Congratulations to Jason and Enrique!
It's a Girl!

Brenda and Bryan Minnesota
Congratulations to Brenda and Bryan
It's a Boy - Bradan!!
Born: August 29, 2007

Tony and Cynthia California
Congratulations to Tony and Cynthia!
Its a boy!
Born on July 27, 2007

open adoption
Internet Match
Congratulations to D and D
It's a Boy!!
Born June 2007

Anna and Dave
New Jersey
Congratulations to Anna and Dave
It's a Boy!!
David Louis Stephen
Born April 24, 2007

Karen and John
New York
Congratulations to Karen and John
It's a Girl!!!
Kaileigh Laurette

Jerry and Rian
Congratulations to Jerry and Rian!
It's a Girl - Sophie!!!
April 15, 2007

Siobhan & Juergen
Congratulations to Siobhan & Juergen
It's a Girl!!
February 2007

Christine and Erik California
Congratulations to Christine and Erik!
A baby boy, Xander!
Born on January 12, 2007

Our birthmom found us through our agency, IAC, but we did receive a lot of hits from your site, too.

Pete and Francie
Congratulations to Francie and Pete!
It's a Girl!
December 2006

Lori and Lawrence
Congratulations to Lori and Lawrence!
It's A Boy!
Born July 2006

Stuart and Randall
Congratulations to Stuart and Randall
It's a Boy!!
Benjamin Cole
Born August 10, 2006

Nikki and Michael
Congratulations to Nikki and Michael!
It's a Boy!
Logan Michael
Born on May 29, 2006

Sherry and Stu

Congratulations to Sherry and Stu!
It's a Girl!
Amy Rose
May 15, 2006

Clint and Lee

Congratulations to Lee and Clint - Internet Match!
It's a Boy!
April 2006

Leila and Hank

Congratulations to Hank and Leila!
A Baby Girl!
Julia Anne
January 2, 2006

Rob and Clay
Congratulations to Clay, Rob, and Rainey!
Adopted a Baby Boy
December 16, 2005

Thank you, again, for all of your help and assistance. We think highly of your website and will definitely refer others to you!

Linda and Joe

Congratulations to Linda and Joe!
Adopted a Baby Boy
November 29,2005

Susan and Eric

Congratulations to Eric, Susan, Lauren, and Dylan!
A Baby Girl - Born November 25, 2005
"We wanted to formally email you our big thanks for hosting our website in the wait for our darling daughter. She was born Nov. 25, 2005 and is a dream come true. We are there now and I wanted to be sure to let you know how much we appreciated your help via your site. Our family is (we think) complete with Alexis' birth. Thanks so much, Susan and Eric and family"

Tod and Tom

Congratulations to Tod and Tom!
It's a girl!
Anna Laura
Born on November 13, 2005

Molly and Tim

Congratulations to Molly and Tim!
It's a boy!
Arrived Home In September 2005

Lara and Tim
Congratulations to Lara and Jim!
It's a boy!
Theo Jesse
Born September 22, 2005

Marisa and Dan
Congratulations to Marisa and Dan!
It's a girl!
Born September 13, 2005

Jason and Matt
Congratulations to Jason and Matt - An Internet Match!
It's a girl!
Violet Elizabeth
August 25, 2005

"We got a call the day she was born and we are so excited. The birthmother found us online, but we don't know which site. Thanks for all your good work and for helping alternative families like ours fulfill our dreams."

Tiffany and Charles

Congratulations to Tiffany and Charles!
It's a boy!
June 5, 2005
"We are proud to announce that we've adopted a beautiful baby boy, born June 5th. Thank you for your wonderful services. We'll be back when we're ready to add to our family again."

J. and Ross
Congratulations to J.and Ross!
It's a boy!
July 2005

Karen and Cheri
Congratulations to Cheri and Karen!
It's a boy!
February 2005

Lisa and Gordon

Congratulations to Lisa and Gordon!
Matched as of December 15, 2004

Kathy and Lisa
Congratulations to Kathy and Lisa!
It's a Girl!
February 2005

Rodney and Sandy

Congratulations to Sandy and Rodney!
It's a Girl!

"Thanks for listing our birthmother letter on your site. We feel soooo very blessed to have been chosen by a birthmother to adopt our precious angel, Riley."

Stephanie and Steve
Congratulations to Stephanie and Steve - Internet Match!
It's a Girl!
Born on October 15, 2004

Brenda and marty
Congratulations to Brenda and Marty!
It's a Girl!
September 2004

We matched with a birthmother last month and if everything goes as planned, we will have a baby girl in early September. Thanks for your wonderful website and help."

Teri and David
Congratulations to Teri and David!
It's a Boy!
March 2004

Angela and Michael
Congratulations to Angela, Michael, and Ethan!
It's a Girl!
January 17, 2004

"We had an infant placed in our care on 1/17/04 and we are now in the process of adopting her. Thank you for doing your site."

Tammie and Edward
Congratulations to Tammie and Ed!
Last Minute Agency Placement

Melissa and Vicky
Congratulations to Melissa and Vicky!
It's a Girl!
Emerson Jane
April 5, 2004

"Wanted to let you know our baby girl, Emerson Jane, was born April 5. She is healthy and happy. The adoption process is moving forward without a hitch, and we could not be more thrilled."

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